Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Bird in Hand, Unfortunately Didn't Poop

We made it to Helsinki and got checked at passport - got a stamp with a little boat on it. We made it over to our hostel and it was mad old inside. Real old - and the decor in the room was hideous. Really hideous. Of this, I did take pictures. It was really nasty. The room was big and pretty clean but man was it ugly.

We decided to walk around anc chek out the sights. There wasn't too much. We saw Tuomiokirkko which is a Lutheran Cathedral. It is VERY white and on top of a hill that overlooks this main square. We walked around and found some caches - checked out the sights. Of course, while looking for one cache this guy stands right next to where we need to look and then just stands there. He looks like a friggin pedaphile. So Jess pulls her, I'm going to make people feel uncomfortable move and stands right next to him. Right in his ass. There's nothing else around him. He realizes it and turns around all startled and looks at her. Then walks like 20 feet away and starts feeding the pigeons, like a dick, and they all come swarming around. Again, he's startled apparently he didn't know that when you feed one, every pigeon in Europe knows and descends on the spot.

Jerkoff finally walks away and we look for the cache but it's not there. We walk down the street to our next destination and stop to look for soap. The don't have anything Jess wants so we head out and who's there - pigeon boy. Like he's following us or something. I take his picture just so we have it. He then walks in another direction.

We Finnish (get it?) looking around and decide to go and get food. We walk. And walk. And finally get to where the place is supposed to be and it's not there. Then we go to another place and it's way more expensive than the book says so we say forget it and head to this Tex-Mex place we saw, Iguanas.

I know Jess is fiendin' Pancho's and so am I so we head in. We get margeritas - served in a wine glass???? and order some food. It comes out and it sucks. It's really just crappy. Mine is bad, hers is bad, the chips and crappy guacamole is bad. It's bad. We decide that there will be no more attempts at Mexican or something similar for the rest of the trip. Pancho's will have to wait until we get home.

We headed back to the hostel both feeling a little ill. She showers, then I go to the other one on the floor. I lean on the sink to look in the mirror and the f'n thing almost comes out of the wall. I jumped back to get my weight off it and it snaps back into place. That was pretty damn close. I should have realized that the place was old and that I shouldn't be leaning on anything. Luckily the shower is ok and I get out with few of the problems faced during encounters with others of his kind on the continent.

We got up the next morning and headed to Suomenlinna - these five interconnected islands that used to be a Sweedish fortifications. They were pretty cool. It was agreat day and an awesome opportunity for pictures. The coast was very pretty. We stopped to eat some fruit out on some rocks and this momma duck and her babies came over and hung out and we tossed them some apple pieces. The Jess, who's fascinated by "hoppy" birds, is all happy that a hoppy is coming up next to her, so I tell her to put some food in her hand, I bet the bird will hop on and get it. She does and of course, I'm not ready to take a picture of it and the bird hops on and grabs the apple.

Of course we have to do it again - and this time I get the shot. Of course, it's only a hand and there's no proof that it's Jess' so, I guess you'll have to take our word for it. I was hoping hoppy would poopy in her hand but he/she did not. Then some seagull looking m'fers and some pigeons come over and ruin the fun so we got up and headed back towards the ferry. We just missed it and got a drink and then the next ferry.

We got to the dock and did some shopping at the open airmarket. Also got lunch. Jess got a bunch of fruit and I got some fresh salmon and potato plate that we really good. We're sitting there eating and its these long tables and this Spanish family sits next to us. One of them drops a bottle of soda and it shoots everywhere - some gets on Jess and they say sorry, so it's ok. But then the son - who's like 18, is wiping up the soda off himself and the table and the prick throws the napkins on the ground. Not even like one little napkin - but a whole bunch - everytime he wips up a drop of liquid. What a dick! He made a huge friggin' mess. I can't stand them - how I didn't notice them last year is beyond me.

We headed back and took a nap. We then walked to see Temppeliaukio Church - which is built in a rock. It was very cool and very different looking. We then headed back with some hobo dinner and did some laundry. Some of our clothes shrunk a little - even after the world's slowest talking Finn assured us that they wouldn't. Nothing too noticeable - just tight in some spots you'd prefer them not to be tight on. We slept and got up at 4 so that we could head to the airport by bus. People were still out at 5 when we got to the station - one guy almost stumbled on to Jess - thought he might barf on her too. Of course, I get yelled at for not saying he was coming near her. The airport wasn't too bad because everyone had assigned seats so poeple weren't killing each other to get on.
It's on to Greece!


Cz said...

Been too busy at work to read these, but was able to catch up today. Sounds like a great deal of interesting shit goes on in Europe. Enjoy Greece!

Joe Rigs said...

Nice pictures. You know I can't read right?